AI program seems to be progressing OK

We have now AIed 5 Simmental cows and 3 Simmental heifers.  We missed two further heifers who cycled a couple of days ago – but we had a lot of difficulty drafting them out of the  herd, and when we ran out of petrol on the ATV gave it away.  They will be done in […]

First Piedmontese Cow CIDR removed

The first of two fullblood piedmontese cows was CIDRed Thursday week ago – to get it to cycle before PGing her, and getting her ready as a embryo donor. We removed the CIDR on Friday – so I have about three days to check to see if she cycles. After discussion with the vet – […]

AI'ed my first Simmental heifer

On Friday morning, one of my 15 month old heifers came on heat – and had her AI’ed on Friday evening. Being paranoid about “easy of calving” – I used COBRA semen – which seems to look the best for ease of calving. I spoke yesterday to Don Buchanan.  He mentioned he had had quite […]

We are registered

I just got a note from NZ Piedmontese Society. Our Registration is approved – Lake Farm Piedmontese.  Our registration number is 0228.  Cool!  Now I need to get the two Cows and 2 heifers registered.

First hiccup!

We had our first cow checked over by the vet yesterday. She is significantly lighter than the second cow (425KGs vs 475KGs). She was supposed to be getting her PG shot, ready for CIDRing in a weeks time. The vet was not impressed! The cow had not cycled since it’s calf (first week of September). […]

Semen stocks

I mentioned earlier that Piedmontese cattle in New Zealand were unpopular. A couple of years ago a large US cattle company embarked on a program to flush Piedmontese embryos here, and to raise some crossbreed stock also. They used a company in the Hawkes Bay – Rissingtons. Half way through the project, the company had […]

No time to wait – first cow needs to be prepped for flushing

I would have liked to have had a break, but our ET technician plans to flush the first cow on the 23rd of November. This means that she must be vet checked today to ensure she is cycling, so that CIDRs can be inserted in her and in the recipients next Friday 26th October. She […]

My two fullblood Piedmontese Cows

I picked these up from Little Rock Piedmontese Stud in Kaeo, north of Kerikeri. Grant Allerby is the breeder, and he really is a nice guy. I bought them with calves at foot, and insisted that I get heifer calves (we don’t want to raise bulls – even though we have registered a Piedmontese Stud). […]

The plan!

If I was to change from Simmental to Piedmontese, what would I do with my beautiful Simmentals? In fact, one of the biggest attributes of Piedmontese is as terminal sires in cross breeding. The plan, therefore, is to breed some purebreed Piedmontese, and to also “put my money where my mouth is” and show what […]

The meat facts about Piedmontese

Here’s some meat facts (as quoted from Beaver Creek Piedmontese site):- Certified Angus Grams of protein per 100 grams of meat (rib eye) 15.79 Grams of fat per 100 grams of meat (rib eye) 26.15 MGs of cholesterol per 100 grams of meat (rib eye) Calories per 100 grams of meat (rib eye) 297.31 50% […]