Some good "meaty" articles about double muscling

I came across an interesting blog a few days ago : This is the first reading I have seen which shows both the pros and cons of animals with double muscling: Advantages of DM cattle: 1. The calves grow more rapidly up to one year of age 2. They convert feed more efficiently; it […]

A HUGE bonus

Wow!  How lucky am I? I have managed to find 100 export quality Piedmontese embryos, which the owners did not know they had. Accordingly, they have given me a sharp price on the entire quantity – so I am now the proud owner of this high quality  stock. Once I get them all “hatched” I […]

Calf colours fading!

Piedmonese Cows are quite white, with grey shading around the eyes and ears. Piedmontese calves are a loverly salmon colour. Over time they change to their grey colour. Although I did not know exactly when the colours start to change, I assumed it was after weaning time, and as they reached their first birthday. It’s […]

Current status

I have now inseminated about 75% of my Simmental Cows and heifers. The two pure Piedmontese Cows have still not cycled naturally yet, so I will wait for that before I proceed with any flushing. In fact one of the cows (the three year old) I will not flush from. I don’t think she is […]

Photo uploading fixed and now ready to post again

I have now got the photo uploading fixed, so all images are showing.  I have also updated the template a bit.  It’s all work in progress, but I can at least start posting again.  Yeah!!