Update on Recipient program

Last Wednesday (23rd Jan) we implanted Piedmontese embryos into 19 surrogate heifers/cows.  We had 5 cows who cycled too late to be included, and one that did not cycle at all.  Two cows were rejected (and have already gone off to the meatworks). Today we reinserted CIDRs into the 19 surrogates – and the 5 […]

Another Highland Heifer (off topic)

We had another Highland calf, about 14 days ago.  It’s a heifer with a grade of P2 (15/16ths).  Its therefore worth a few dollars. Unfortunately,  it went for almost 5 days without any milk from Mum.  It looked like it was drinking – but obviously it was getting nothing. We noticed it was not right […]

Our implants done last Wednesday

Last Wednesday (23rd Jan) was a big day for us. Of the 26 cows we removed the CIDRs from on Monday 14th, 21 cycled within the required period and 4 cycled after the close off point. One did not cycle at all. That left 21 to implant embryos. Of those, two were rejected as they […]

Update on our Embryo Transfer program

We entered up removing CIDRs and giving a PG injection to 26 cows and heifers on Monday 14th. The time to check those who have cycled over this period was from 6:00am on Tuesday morning to 6:00pm on Thursday evening.  22 cycled clearly , one a little late, and one we “think” might have cycled.  […]

Pure Piedmontese Cow cycles (at last)!

Yep – Cow “20” cycled naturally, at last. The steers were all over her this morning. “20” is the cow in the page header photo, with her calf. We will AI her tonight with semen from “Cicles” – a top producing Italian Piedmontese sire. We originally were going to flush her, but now that we […]

Off topic – "fullblood" Highland Cattle bull calf

On New Years Day – we had an unexpected arrival. We have a very expensive fullblood Highland Cattle heifer – “Laces”. We bought her a few years ago, when we had a smaller block. She is not part of our future plans, but we still need to get a return on our investment. We will […]

Door Knocker

This is what we purchased the other day. It’s pretty cool – and certainly looks like a horned Piedmontese.

Scanning and CIDR update

Yesterday was a big day – scanning our Simmental cattle (AI’ed to Piedmontese bulls), and those who were not incalf (plus some Black W/F heifers) were CIDRed for Embryo implanting on 23rd January. Pregnancy rate was about 70% – which is about the industry average (I thought we might be a bit higher).  I was […]

ET program now planned for 23rd January

I have now booked in the ET technician, to start implanting some of the Piedmontese embryos I bought last year. We should have about 30 cows/heifers to implant, and the day to CIDR the recipients is Monday 7th January. The cow pregnancy scanner guy is on holiday – and is not due back until 6th […]

Bought a cool looking cowbell door knocker yesterday!

Yesterday, apart from cattle weighing was a shopping day.  We bought some outdoor furniture for our home, and a few odd knick-knaks. Amonst this was a very cool cast cowbell door knocker.  Whilst the horns on the cow are a little bigger than horns on a Piedmontese cow, if certainly looks like a Piedmontese cow. […]