CIDRS removed from 28 cows/heifers

Today we removed the CIDRs we previously inserted into the 28 cows/heifers (last Friday). 9 of those cows/heifers had embryos implanted previously, so they were not given PGs.  Any of those who did not accept the embryos should cycle tomorrow.  I am hopeful that 5 will be pregnant and that only 4 will cycle. The […]

I'm Happy – 11 Recipients certified in calf

I’m very happy! We hd a technician come and scan the cows/heifers from the first implant run. We were confident that 11 might have been in calf, and they all were – yeah! As it turned out – one cow still had a CIDR inserted from lst run – so she could not have cycled […]

9 Recipients implanted with Embryos today

Today we implanted 9 purebred Piedmontese embryos into 9 Cows/heifers. We had 12 possible, but the ET technician rejected 3 of them. Of the three rejections, two are OK to go again – and one we will send to the works.  I am happy with that – she does not have a nice temperament. This […]

My Younger Piedmontese Cow finally cycles

Our younger PIedmontese Cow (#39) finally cycled.  I “hope” it was yesterday (it might have been the day before).  I did not check properly yesterday, and the day before #39 had bright flouro pink tail paint on her. There was no paint left this morning, when I shifted them.  I got the AI technician in, […]

12 girls to be implanted

After CIDRS were removed last Wednesday – we had three days to check recipients to see who might cycle: Of the 19 girls who had embryos implanted, 8 cycled (not in calf).  This was one more than I was hoping for. Three of the five cows who did not cycle in the required time last […]

Update on my ET program

Last Wednesday we inserted CIDRs into 26 Cows/heifers: 19 cows/heifers previously implanted 5 cows/heifers who missed cycling last time 1 cow not used last time (had ovarian cyst) 1 purebred Piedmontese cow (not for ET but to AI) Today all the CIDRs were removed, and they all had their tails painted (fluro pink) for ease […]

Off topic: photo of my two "teddy bears"

Here is a photo of “Agnes of Flynn Cove” (the red girl sitting) and Laddie of Flynn Cove (the big boy, standing). Agnes is still not 100% healthy – we keep an eye on her. Laddie is full of energy, and inquisitive as can be. I got them both into the cattle race the other, […]