Scottish Highland Flush no go!

Bugger!   It took forever and two technicians to flush our cow.  After all that –  there were no eggs!  It took most of the day, so we could not use the recipients for the PIedmontese program either. On the brighter side – 9 of the 11 recipients who cycled were checked and OKed to implant […]

ET Update

Next Monday we will be flushing one Fullblood Scottish Highland Cow – and (subject to embryos), inplanting embryos into two other Highland Cows, and 4 smaller reipients. All the Scottish recipients and the donor cycled after the PG, and we gave the donor two straws of semen – one in the morning, and one in […]

Piedmontese Society AGM held last Friday

The Society held it’s AGM on Friday – and I have to say, I found it very interesting. It started out badly – Auckland airport was closed because of fog. This meant that Robin Ludlum (Secretary) did not make the AGM, and the South Island members did not arrive until about 3 30pm (after diverting […]

ET Update

On 26th May (next Monday), I will flush a Highland heifer, implant her eggs into 2 other highland Cows and into some of my smaller recips. I have PGed and synchronised 18 recips, so the balance will get frozen Piedmontese embryos, from the 55 I still have on hand. As at this morning, my Scottish […]

Piedmontese Society AGM tomorrow

I’m a new Piedmontese breeder, and member of the Society.  I will attend my first AGM tomorrow. It will be interesting to meet the members, and understand from them their views on the breed, and their activities. When I “discovered” the Piedmontese breed, from some extensive internet searching, I could find nothing about the breed […]

Piedmontese wins again in 2008 Steak of Origin

The 2008 “Steak of Origin” competition has just finished, at the 2008 Beef Expo. The “Steak of Origin” is the premier award for the beef industry – with the major breeders working hard to see their breed succeed.  There were over 300 entries this year. I was delighted to see that Piedmontese breeders Charlie and […]

So what's the perfect PIedmontese cross?

My breeding project was to breed purebred PIedmontese, and also to cross PIedmontese with my Simmental herd, and to sell the meat from this crossed progeny. I am now not totally convinced that Simmental is the best cross, from a tender/tasty meat perspective.  Whilst that are big framed and the cross will no doubt produce […]

Next lot of ET work now underway

The next lot of implants will be done on May 26th.  I have already CIDRed 21 heifers (inc one cow), and they get their PG shot this Friday – when the CIDRs are removed.  Those who cycle next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be used. One of the girls is a purebred Limousin, and if […]

Final figures from first Embryo Inplanting

We have implanted 47 of the first 50 embryos we purchased. We have 25 successful pregnancies – which is 53%.  In fact there is one other heifer to scan – who might also be pregnant – but I also believe that one and possibly two others might have slipped – they showed signs of being […]

Sorry for being slow on my Posts!

I do apologise for not keeping my blog up to date!  I now have a little more time – and so I will start to post regularly again.