Halley has twins!

Calves #11 and 12 arrived probably before Penny’s heifer.  Halley had twins! In fact I will change the numbers – Halley’s should have calves 10 and 11 and Penny should be #12.  They must have calved within hours of each other. We will have to keep an eye out for the twins – to make […]

"Penny" delivers calf # 10 – a heifer

Penny is a Simmental/Fresian cross heifer, who we had reared.  This summer she got a touch of facial ezema – and lost a lot of weight.  We were concerned about her ability to deliver a calf, and how she would fare after that. Penny had no trouble calving – and delivered a heifer for us. […]

Calf #9 arrives – a Hereford/PiedX bull calf

One of our Hereford heifers had a bull calf last night.  She calved unassisted – although I was there to help, if required. The calf is not big (my guess about 35-38KGs), but is fit and healthy, which is the main thing! I will call the vet to have a look at Cow #118, who […]

Calf # 8 arrives – and about time too!

Calf #8 finally arrived early this morning.  From the photo below, you can it was a very misty early morning. It is a bull calf, and he looks quite big – closer to 50KGs than 40KGs.  We will tag and weigh him in a few days.  It took long enough – gestation was 298 days […]

Farmer forced to watch as flood washes cows away

What a horrifying story!  A farmer had 100 of his dairy cows washed down the river. Farmer forced to watch as flood washes cows away – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

Cows seem to know which way is north

Have a read of the link below.  Cows, apparently like to stand North South. I’ll have to do some checking with my stock! I would have thought that they stand according to wind, sun etc. Cows seem to know which way is north – Yahoo! News

We also buried "#169" who we euthanased on Friday night

#169 was a Simmental/fresian x heifer who I had hand raised. She had a piedmontese embryo implanted into her earlier this year – due to calve 1st November. The poor girl got facial exema this year, and although she recovered a little, she lost a lot of weight, and really struggled. Last week she started […]

We lost "Lil Nipper"

We lost our first tiny wee heifer calf overnight! We have three calves that have been scouring, and we have been tubing them extra electrolytes, and some extra milk for the sicker ones. Lil Nipper as also scouring but not too badly.  With all the heavy rain, she was not fairing that well, but looked […]

Couldn't resist posting this cute photo of Mandy and baby

Bubby is not quite as big as the others, but still weighed in at 41.5KGs

"Mandy" delivers calf # 7 – a healthy heifer

Mandy is one of my very special girls.  I hand reared her – and she has developed into a lovely heifer. She obviously has great food conversion – she has actually been a little fat – even on a restricted diet. I was worried for her with her first calving, so I sat up with […]