Surprise finding on battery hens – New Zealand news on

Surprise finding on battery hens – New Zealand news on This is an interesting article, which if correct, will upset a few people. We have a couple of choocks, who free range about the farm, and simple love company.  My wife is not a “bird person” but enjoys these little girls being about. They […]

Long Gestation in Piedmontese cattle (too long, actually).

From the 18 Cows and heifers who delivered Piedmontese crossed calves, the average gestation was 294 days (average for cattle is 283 days).  The longest gestation was 305 days, and the shortage was 288 days.This is not a good point for the Piedmontese breed – especially if trying to sell bulls into the Dairy market […]

Cow #409 has a bull calf. Welcome #17

Our Nurse Cow – #409 had a boy late afternoon, yesterday.I could not get a good photo – mum is quite protective.  However, he is a strong “bull” looking calf – with strong neck and head. He is a little more grey/brown that the silver grey from Cow #43’s calf.  He also has a white […]

Our Nurse Cow delivers calf # 16 – a silver bull calf

Cow #43 delivered a bull calf overnight.  When I found him this morning he had obviously been born for a while.  He was quite dry and very perky. He looks cool with his silvery coat, and his strong Piedmontese features – black nose, black eyelashes etc. We have one more nurse cow to calve in […]

Corey delivers a heifer this morning

Corey delivered a beautiful heifer this morning.I was really suprised when the calf arrived – it was very dark (I thought it was dark brown).  Corey is a Murray Grey heifer, and I wanted to see a nice white calf.  In fact, once Corey had cleaned her, her colour, in fact, is a deep grey […]

My best Cow "Big Girl" looses her calf

Cow #139 is a most special cow – she delivers great calves that grow and grow, and have great temperaments.I have been waiting for “Big Girl” to calve, and have had my fingers crossed  it would be a heifer calf.Big Girl had been uncomfortable for a few days, and so we brought her up to […]

"Our Thelma" has a baby

“Thelma” is a Rising 2 year heifer I hand reared. She is not the greatest speciman, but she has a delightful nature, and always comes up for a rub when I change their paddocks. If I was a Brit I would have to say that “Our Thelma” had a baby boy today. Both Keryn and I  helped Thelma […]

"Lucky 13" arives – another bull calf

“Millie” delivered a health bull calf last night – number 13. Millie is one of my best heifers, so I was hoping for a heifer calf, but it was not too be. Next year, maybe!