Welcome "Bella" our first purebred (ET) calf – a heifer

Bella arrived this morning – ably assisted by my wife, Keryn, and I. Bella is an ET calf, from our first lot of transfers.  She was born 276 days from implant.  If you add the 7 days that would have elapsed from AI time until the embryo was flushed – this makes her 283 days […]

My Piedmontese cross calves developing well

To date, I am very impressed with the Pied X calves.  My scales are not working correctly, so I haven’t weighed them properly, but my guess is that they are averaging about 1.2KG/day from birth.  This is not as big as my pure Simmental calves, but still not bad. Here is a couple of photos […]

We almost lost one of our new Piedmontese X calves last night

We had a neighbour for dinner last night.  Luck we did! When she was leaving to go home, we heard one of our cows calling out – very distressed.  I went to investigate – and found her calf trapped in the “bridge” coming onto our house section.  The “bridge” acts as a cattle stop – […]

We Flushed "Hillarity" yesterday

We have a superb cow “Hillarity” who we bought from Don Buchanan, in Taumarunui.  She is a big girl – almost 700KGs. Hillarity was flushed extensively in her early life, and for a few years was infertile.  She then had a calf, and missed a year.  Then, whilst lactating with her last calf, they discovered […]