Welcome "Hella" our 7th purebred Piedmontese and 4th heifer

Well, I think its a heifer!  Mum is so protective that I have not been able to get in close to have a look.  There’s plenty of time, and I did not want to upset them too much. Hella arrived very early this morning.  I did my beat at 5:30am and she had arrived already […]

Welcome "Marco" our 6th purebred Piedmontese calf – another bull

One of our Simmental Cows “Momma Bear” delivered an ET baby yesterday afternoon.  We have called him Marco. That makes three bulls and three heifers out of the six purebred calves form so far this year.  

Welcome "Julio" our 5th pure Piedmontese calf and first not ET calf

Our fullblood cow “Julie” delivered a bull calf on Saturday.  It is a bull calf, and we have called him “Julio”.  He is fine, with no calving issues. We were going to call him “Joe The Plumber” after the (in)famous guy in the US elections.  However, we thought better of it – poor old Julio […]

Welcome "Bianca" our 4th pure Piedmontese calf, and third heifer

Our Angus/Murray Grey heifer “Black Betty” delivered a lovely Piedmontese girl early this morning (or lat last night).   We have named her “Bianca”. Bianca looks healthy, and there were no calving issues.  Bianca had well arrived by the time I did my calving beat just before 6:00am this morning.

Welcome "Tony" our first pure Piedmontese bull calf

Tony was born yesterday, delivered by a Simmental Cow – #38. He is a healthy boy – and seems quite happy. The photos are not great – taken early this morning.  

Welcome "Franca" our 2nd Piedmontese calf (a heifer)

Our Simmental cow “55” delivered a healthy ET girl on Tuesday.  We have not weighed her yet (our scales are not working).  However – she is a solid girl.  “55” had no calving issues though – it was very quick. That’s two girls in a row!  Cool!