Calf # 4 arrived this morning. Another heifer (I think)

Our Charolais/Murray Grey heifer delivered a heifer calf this morning.  The father is one of the top performing Italian Piedmontese sires, but this wee girl does not look a big calf. Its interesting how dark she is – considering both mum and dad are white (although Piedmontese have dark skins).  Last year one of our Murray […]

Made the news again. Wow – I'm a star!

Well, not really!  This is a small write up on front page of “Rural News” today. I’m not trying to push the returns up for beef farmers (well, I am a little).  I’m all for higher returns for better quality, and lower returns for poor quality.  Once this happens, guess what sort of stock will […]

Calf # 3 arrives – a bull calf

Late last night Cow #207 delivered a beautiful bull calf.  If he is as good as his older brother from last year, I will be very happy.  Its a Simmental/Pied X so will be great eating for Lake Farm Beef – poor fellah!

First Piedmontese calves arrive early

Whilst away Skiing – two of our Simmental Cows gave birth to a healthy heifer each.  I feel very guilty, because they are not supposed to arrive for another week (based on last years long gestation).”Mandy” has a really white faced calf, and “107” give birth to a feisty heifer with a white blaze.

Interesting discussions with Livestock agent at Frankton sales

Being new to the beef industry, and coming from a sales and marketing background I believe I have a pretty open mind – I have to, if I’m going to learn anything.  It was only by being open minded that I come across the Piedmontese breed, it’s unique tenderness gene, and could understand the significance […]

Home now for over three weeks

Well,  our trip to Italy, Turkey, Scotland and USA seems like a distant memory now!We have been busy feeding out every day – a big change from the beautiful  European summer!I will make sure I post at least 3-4 times each week, and keep this blog up to date.