My beefie with suspected facial eczema just died!

I felt confident the steer ultimately did not have facial eczema. His symptoms were quite different to FE and we put him in a separate paddock close to they yards (so we could give him his course of antibiotic injections). He had a severe case of the trots and smelt pretty awful. We kept giving […]

Getting my "Big Green Egg" on Thursday

Its finally arrived – a very cool ceramic lined BBQ smoker/griller. I placed an order with the importer, and its finally arrived (from USA). I am off to Auckland for the day on Thursday – so I will the unit up and bring home with me. My kids are coming for Easter – so I’ve […]

Applied for the "Heart tick" logo for my beef

I have applied to get the heart tick logo for my beef. I am waiting for a reply, which I hope will be soon. The meat will need to be tested, but because our meat is lean and low in cholesterol, we should be able to display the heart tick on our beef cuts (including […]

My purebred Piedmontese Heifers are very close to breed from

I have 10 purebred Piedmontese heifers. 7 are 15 month old heifers, two are yearlings, and one is still on her mum. Of the 15 month girls one is not good enough to breed from, so she will be part of my Lake Farm Beef program. The remaining six are all now ready to breed. […]

Bugger – one of my Lake Farm Beefies has facial eczema

One of my steers just ready for killing has contracted facial eczema. The poor guy is looking for shade, and has quite a runny nose. There is no cure as such – you just hope that there is not too much liver damage. I will give him a B12 injection in the morning and also […]

Microsoft "Bing" site has some great images

Microsoft’s competitor to Google is “Bing”. I’m not a fan of Bing – because it give much lower ratings for Lake Farm Beef than Google. However – I “LOVE” the images that they present every day. Have a look at yesterday’s image – a scene from Tuscany, Italy. How cool!

What do you reckon about this guy!

I haven’t weaned him yet – because he was only born in mid November. However – what a champion he is going to be ( from a beef perspective – he is a steer)! His name is Nico – and as you can see he comes from a very fat mother – an Aged Hereford. […]

Upgraded our internet connection

We have used Satellite for the last few years – we cannot get broadband over telephone lines, or have a WiFi signal. Prices have been outrageous for the service, but you have to pay when there is no other option. Well there is an option now – it’s a USB datastick than runs off Telecoms […]

Goodbye Charlotte and Charlie! I'll miss you both

A few years ago I hand raised and sold some Belted Galloway/Fresian x calves. There was one heifer, Charlotte, who I simply could not sell. She was almost human, and as a wee calf would play these games with me – bunting and pushing me. She has given me so much pleasure. I could not […]

Weaning went well

Almost all our calves are now weaned. This was the first time we put them into paddocks side by side – mums one one side and calves on the other. The fact that they could see each other and be close for two days but not suckling seemed that they did not get as stressed, […]