2010 Steak of Origin success again

I am very excited! We entered three crossbred Piedmontese cross animals into the year’s prestigious Steak of Origin competition. We entered one into each section – Best of Brand Retail; Best of Brand Wholesale and Best of Crossbred. It has just been announced that all three animals have made it to the semi finals. This […]

Angus cattle vetted in calf, and half driven up the road

All but two of my Angus cattle were vetted in calf. I’m happy with that! The two empties will go into my Lake Farm Beef program. They were also all weighted (averaged 435KGs) and we then split the herd (21 for me and 22 for a neighbour). We then drove the neighbours cattle up the […]

My Angus Cattle have arrived!

My Angus cattle have finally arrived from Parnassus, in the South Island. They left late on Monday – and overnighted in Blenheim. All Tuesday was spend on the truck driving up the island. They arrived here about 6:00pm. The truck driver remarked not only on what great cattle they were, but also on how quite […]

4 sold in-calf cows went off this morning

To make way for our Angus heifers arriving next week we had to sell off some of our Simmental cows. Four of them left to go to their new home this morning. Its the first time I haven’t felt too sad loading them up. They are off to a good home, and will live there […]

Introducing Red Poll cattle into the mix

I have 40 in calf Angus heifers arriving in the next 14 days or so. Next year, most of my crossbreeding will be with Piedmontese and Angus cattle. I think its close to the perfect cross. However, having done a lot more reading, if you are really trying to maximise hybrid vigour, it seems that […]

More Feedback

This is the latest email from one of our customers: Thanks for the Piedmont beef delivery, Colin. It is truly excellent beef. I was wondering if you had networks among other small producers who also do delivery? I am very keen to purchase lamb and pork from the farm as well. In fact we are […]

6 Tonne of Beef pellets just arrived

I want our beefies to grow well right through the year, and not falter through the winter. So, as well as feeding out silage, I have now purchased some dairy pellets. 6 Tonne was delivered this morning. The composition of the pellets comprise Wheat, Barley, Biscuits, Broll, Chips, Salt, Maize, Lime, Zeolote, Flour. It smells […]

More cool feedback on our beef

We received this email today about our beef: Thank you so very much for the meat pack you sent down.. that was so great of you and much appreciated!! We are enjoying your superior product, best steak we’ve eaten! As mentioned – We just love receiving these emails!

More Feedback

Just received another email from a new customer: Colin Just wanted to offer some feedback. I have now enjoyed the first of my beef pack, namely the Rump Steak, A pack of Mince and the Bolar Roast. And its what i expected and so much more, so far its tasted amazing and i shall really […]

Not much rain!

I woke up during the night, and could hear rain falling on the roof. What a loverly sound! Unfortunately when I got up, the rain had stopped, and the rain gauge showed just 4mls. That sure is better than nothing, and will start the grass growing again. However – we definitely need a lot more. […]