An article I have written for NZ Piedmontese Society

CROSSBREEDING WITH PIEDMONTESE CATTLE FOR SUPERIOR BEEF Colin Brown 14th October, 2010 Piedmontese cattle are a unique breed. Their mutated myostatin gene is different to other double muscled breeds. The gene provides meat that is exceptionally tender, and also very healthy, low in cholestrol and high is essential fatty acids In their purebred form, Piedmontese […]

Wow – what a successful flush today

I am paranoid about developing very good capital stock for my Lake Farm Beef program. I want to understand the genetics not only on the bull side, but also on the cow side (where 50% of the genetics come from). I want to be proud of my cows, as much as any bull I put […]

Piedmontese/Angus calves

My belief is that (with grass fed beef) a British breed is required to crossbreed with Piedmontese. The Simmental cross animals that I have raised to date still yield a tad lean (although the tenderness is great). An Angus or Hereford crossed with a Pied might be the best cross, because of the extra fat […]

Must keep blogging more!

I had a series of email exchanges with a very nice lady from Texas – asking about our beef and breeding operation, asking advice and giving suggestions. It was cool! Its nice to know that my blog is read around the world (lol – and not just by me). So I promise to update the […]