What a great lot of calves to hand raise

Dairy cows need to produce a calf each year – to give milk.  All of these calves are either full dairy calves (Fresian,Jersey, Ayreshire etc) or half dairy and half beef breed (where a beef bull was used to impregnate the cow). Over 60% of all beef processed in New Zealand each year has been […]

Name Change for our Angus/Hereford Bull Calf

We were going to call this guy “Mikey”. However now that we have had a good look at him, we have changed his name to “Phantom”.     Look at the black mask on his face – wow!

Another heifer calf born last night

This is “Heather”.  She is another Red Poll/Hereford calf – and was quite big (again).  She doesn’t have the distinct white face with brown hooded eyes like the others – just a small white blaze. She looks as health as – which is cool.  Her mother “Horny” has a touch of facial eczema last year, […]

Our Calf Palace in use already – for a sick bull calf

The dairy farmer with most of our embryos in his cows had a cow calve this morning. The calf is a bull calf (lol – another Red Poll/Hereford), and is VERY big.  The farmer had to call the vet to assist the cow, and the calf is very sore with quite a swollen head. So […]

Our “Calf Palace” is ready

We have 15 ET embryos implanted into Dairy cows in the district.  Two calves have been born already. We will hand raise these calves – with all females to join our elite herd.  So far the two born have been heifers – great! So we need a shed to house the calves for the first […]

Mandy delivers her ET calf – damm – a bull calf!

One of my Recipient cows, Mandy, calved this morning.  Its at ET calf – half Angus and half Hereford.  If it was a girl it would have joined my elite female herd – but, unfortunately, its a boy.  He will be raised for our Lake Farm Beef program. I fed out the girls this morning […]

Second ET calf – a boy and a Red Poll/Hereford

The second of our ET calves was born overnight.  This has come from one of our recipients (a hereford cow) – and not one of the calves implanted into dairy cows. Its a boy – so will be raised for beef – all the girls will be kept for our “elite cow herd”. The surprise […]

Our first ET calf – and a heifer – cool!

We want to develop an “elite” herd of cows for our beef operation.  We want our cows mostly to be Angus or Hereford/Angus cross. We will run a pure Pedmontese bull with these cows, to produce great beef progeny. We have a nice Hereford cow here, so we put her on a MOET ET course, […]