NZ Beef and Lamb’s prestigious STEAK OF ORIGIN competition concluded in Fielding last night with a gala dinner and the top 20 sirloin steaks in the competition were taste tested by celebrity chefs. Lake Farm Beef were delighted to not only to be placed first in the Best of British section with their Angus entry, […]

2013 Steak of Origin semi final success

Below is a copy of an email we have just sent out to our mailing list.  We have two animals make the semi finals of the prestigious “Steak of Origin competition”.  We are absolutely stoked:-   Hi All, We are shipping more beef this coming Monday – but I will send another email tomorrow to […]

Cross your fingers for me (please?)

Tomorrow – in Victoria, Australia, there are 6 elite Angus cows being flushed to the best bulls in the world.  The progeny, based on their expected progeny differences (EPDs), will be amongst the best cattle in the world:- Top 1% for marbling Top 1% for carcass quality Top 1% for eye muscle area (the size […]

This is Rosie – she is supposed to be one of my 2012 Steak of Origin entries

Lamb and Beef’s prestigious “Steak of Origin” competition (for the best steak in New Zealand) is now accepting entries for the 2012 competition. It has sub categories for different breeds, and you have to enter animals into the appropriate category:- Best of European Best of British Best of Crossbreed Best Brand – Retail Best Brand […]

Once there was a lovely cow named Charlotte

This is a cool story of a very special cow. Charlotte is half Fresian and half Belted Galloway. A few years ago I decided to hand raise 50 calves, and chose Belted Galloway cross because the babies look like little pandas, and would be easy to sell to livestylers. I bought them from a dairy […]

Interesting comparison

We processed and shipped beef on Wednesday.  There were two beasts, both in great condition and growing well.  They both graded PRIME – the highest of the New Zealand processing standard:- Purebred Angus steer – approximately 480kgs liveweight Piedmontese/Charolais steer – approximately  485kgs liveweight To all intents – the liveweights were identical.  The liveweight, if […]

“Fixed Time AI” – an interesting proposition

I am one of the few who believe that it is better to AI your cattle, than to run a bull naturally. The reason is that statistically the progeny will be better cattle, genetically, and my unscientific guess is that the increased profit from the better progeny cover any costs. In saying that, I do […]

How to breed and grow the best beef in the world

To grow the best beef in the world you must have the best bulls, the best cows, and the best environment. We think we have the best environment – and stock that are not just ethically raised – they are loved and cherished! Being grass fed – they are very high in omega 3’s and […]

Piedmontese Myostatin gene – now I really am confused!

Below is an article I read about the unique Myostatin gene found in Piedmontese.  This mutation gives extra muscling, tenderness and healthiness.  If you read the article would you have understood this?  I wouldn’t have! Courtesy of  The C313Y Piedmontese mutation decreases myostatin covalent dimerisation and stability Myostatin is a key negative regulator of […]

Great article on good steak

What a fantastic article about a good steak – and how to treat it.  (I have re-published  it without permission – sorry guys).  Its from   Where’s the Exceptional Beef? Largent Laws of Steak Chris Dean Hansen, Contributing Editor Lessons I learned from a grandpa I never met I know that in writing this, […]