Cross your fingers for me (please?)

Tomorrow – in Victoria, Australia, there are 6 elite Angus cows being flushed to the best bulls in the world.  The progeny, based on their expected progeny differences (EPDs), will be amongst the best cattle in the world:-

  • Top 1% for marbling
  • Top 1% for carcass quality
  • Top 1% for eye muscle area (the size of the eye fillet)
  • Top 7% for growth to 6 months old
  • Top 7% for growth to 12 months old
  • Top 10% for growth to  18 months old
  • Top 15% for beef yield
  • Top 10% for milk (to feed their babies)
  • Top 50% for calving ease and gestation length

All of these embryo’s will be ours – shipped to us to implant into our surrogate cows at end October.  This time next year they will be calves on the ground.  How cool!!

We don’t have a lot of money (sigh) – so we have had to work hard and be quite entrepreneurial to get this to happen.  Its taken a lot of work, and co-operation from some great partners.  We are very thankful!

So I have my fingers crossed that the flush will be successful and plentiful.  I am hoping for 40 embryos (but it could be only 20-25).  It just depends on how well the donor cows.

Please cross your fingers for me too!

Thank you in advance!