Interesting comparison

We processed and shipped beef on Wednesday.  There were two beasts, both in great condition and growing well.  They both graded PRIME – the highest of the New Zealand processing standard:-

  • Purebred Angus steer – approximately 480kgs liveweight
  • Piedmontese/Charolais steer – approximately  485kgs liveweight
To all intents – the liveweights were identical.  The liveweight, if weighed at the abattoir before slaughter would be lower than the weights we record at our place – as their stomachs will have emptied out of grass etc.
When I got the kill sheets from the abattoir, I was quite surprised:
  • Angus Steer carcass weight 243kgs (50.63% of its liveweight)
  • Pied/Charolais steer carcass weight  263.5kgs (54.33% of its liveweight)
This is a full 20kgs of carcass weight difference.  If I was being paid by the abattoir at current carcass weight buy price ($4.75/kg) I would have received:
          Angus Steer $1154.25
Pied/Charolais Steer  $1251.63
This is a difference of $97.38 extra for the Pied cross – on the basis that their liveweight was the same.
The next interesting comparison was what the butcher showed me as he was cutting up both beasts.  The eye fillet of the Angus was 700 grams lighter than the fillet from the Pied/Charolais.  This equates to a 1.4kg difference over the eye fillets off each animal. This is about a 30% difference – which is staggering! If we were selling eye fillet at top retail price of $40/kg – the Pied/Charolais would have given an extra $56 just in the eye fillet.
Take home on this data:  Using a Piedmontese bull over almost any breed of beef cattle should give an extra $100/animal to the farmer than using a traditional animal (as the same weight).  If you are a butcher or sell meat, even forgetting the extra tenderness and healthiness with the Piedmontese cross, you will make a LOT more money off the carcass.