This is Rosie – she is supposed to be one of my 2012 Steak of Origin entries

Lamb and Beef’s prestigious “Steak of Origin” competition (for the best steak in New Zealand) is now accepting entries for the 2012 competition. It has sub categories for different breeds, and you have to enter animals into the appropriate category:-

  • Best of European
  • Best of British
  • Best of Crossbreed
  • Best Brand – Retail
  • Best Brand – Wholesale
I don’t have any purebred European cattle (I have Piedmontese – but none that I want to kill). I have two superb Angus cattle that I have submitted into the Best of British section.  I have two Piedmontese/Angus cross animals in the best of Crossbred.  I plan to enter a Simmental/Piemontese onto the Best Brand Retail (he will go off this week) and I am also supposed to enter a heifer into the Best Brand Wholesale.  She is a Murray Grey/PIedmontese crossed girl – and is an absolute champion.
The problem is that Rosie is just too special.  I just can’t send her off.  Every day she seeks me out for a head rub, and is so special.  Although she is worth a lot more dead than alive, I have made the decision to keep her as a surrogate mother.  She has already been synchronised (her cycling timing) and will have an Angus embryo implanted tomorrow morning.
There is an awful expression (but true) that “a happy cow is a tasty cow”.  I will always wonder if Rosie would have been good enough to win her section (or the competition).  I’m happy, though, never to find out!
Lol – she better hold her implant